About Ferrier 30

Ferrier 30 is a classic designed elegant Italian restaurant at ‘The South’ of Antwerp. The atmosphere is as tempting as the dishes they serve, simple and elegant. Serving and cooking from the heart .  Classics of the culinary tradition where pure ingredients, often imported by themselves, bring a richness of flavours. In fact you’ll probably see the chef carefully dishing up plates of food at the open kitchen.

Ferrier 30 opened it’s doors at 2004 and is still praised for it’s outstanding quality where consistency and value is kept firmly in mind. Just as the Italian kitchen is known for you can expect heavenly pasta’s, the best ossobuco by far, richly flavoured parmesan croquets, pickled squid, home baked bread…

Without a doubt the restaurant holds and an impressive selection of champagnes, wines, prosseco’s and grappa’s and as they say in Italy: Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.  At Ferrier 30 you can book your private party at the basement of the restaurant where you can enjoy the wine cellar through the transparent wall. 

The only thing better then talking about food is eating it! Ferrier 30 welcome’s you!

Our menu

At Ferrier 30 you can come and savour classics of the Italian cuisine. They are characterized by
the purity of ingredients (often imported by our own care) and the richness of flavors.